Update on diet

I feel like it has been forever since I updated my journal. I have been doing pretty good with the new way of eating/drinking. However, I have had a few set backs. One is that I am asked out to eat too often. I have a lot of friends and, not only do we get together and go out and eat, but we also get together individually and have lunch or breakfast together. Now that my closest friend has taken another job, I will be able to stay close to my new way during the week. I will just have to curb going out on the weekends until I start losing weight again. I have lost 5 more pounds, but that is since the last time I wrote. That is not much. I was going to start the cleanse yesterday and I got all the ingredients ready and drank my first one that morning. I was fine until I took a lengthy nap and got up with that stupid headache you get when fasting. Well the day wore on and I began to feel worse and worse. I talked myself into postponing it until I had eaten most of the food that I had in the fridge--because I don't like wasting good food--especially expensive organic good food. So I will do as I always have and move into this slowly. I know this probably wouldn't be agreeable to those who say how this cleanse is supposed to go, but I am a wimp and don't like pain. I will begin this week cutting out one meal a day and drinking the concoction. Then next week if I can I will replace two meals...on so on. We shall see. I will keep the results posted.

Losing weight has never been easier

I can't believe that I am consistently losing weight and I am NEVER hungry! The whole way I used to eat is gone! I love salads, I would rather eat fruit than anything with sugar in it, I don't have to have meat even one meal a day (this is the #2 biggest change), AND, get this, I haven't had coffee in a week and a half (#1)! Now, that doesn't mean that any of the things that I have dropped is out of my life. I still say to myself and others that there is nothing off limits for me to eat, but the way cool thing is I DON'T WANT THEM. Really! I am as serious as a heart attack. The water thing keeps me pretty full. When I do want something to eat, I am so clean inside that I don't want to put trash in there. When I eat salad and other good things like that I feel so much better after I eat that I just love it. It is a major change for me, and I don't see me going back to any of my old ways, which I always feared in the past. I lost 2 more pounds this week and I haven't been hungry once. The reasoning behind this is that when you get your body ph balanced it stops having to cram toxic trash into your fat to save your life. Since I am not eating that much bad, and my body is closer to balanced, the fat is being released-it no longer has to be there to shield me from poisonous toxins/acid ash.
I wish I would have known this way of eating when I was younger so I could have trained my kids in a better way of eating. Sadly, they all have terrible habits that mirror my own ex-habits and I guess that they will just have to realize it in their own time.
Oh, and I am still walking 3 or 4 days a week 2 miles. I am going to add some stretches and yoga this week to start stretching my muscles so that the fat loss will have something replacing it--firm muscles.

10 pounds down

Hey guys I am so happy! This morning I got up and went straight for the scales and since I have begun this new way of eating I have lost 10 pounds! Isn't that great! It started of course with the water. By adding a pinch of baking soda and a squeeze of lemon I can drink what I am supposed to every day. I think that has a lot to do with it, because it is also a good hunger depressant. I am also almost done with coffee. Yeah, those who know me are stunned. Coffee has always been a major staple with me. I have stopped diets because I couldn't have my coffee, not to mention not go on them at all because of this one factor. But, deep down in my inner core I knew that it is bad for me in the amounts that I drink. It is still one of the pleasures that God gave us to have--in balance, but I had far surpassed that years and years ago. Also, I have cut down tremendously on meat, though I don't have any disagreement with eating it. It's the balance thing again. I always thought I needed a ton of it because I have always had leanings to hypoglycemic/diabetic jitters if I didn't include protein. Well, that has all changed. Now I can eat a grapefruit alone for breakfast, and just a salad for lunch and not get the jitters once. I don't know if this whole jitter thing has been because of bad food combinations, too much sugar (which I have cut completely out except for a yogurt cone every once in awhile), or what. Finally, I don't know what it is but I just can't eat as much as I have in the past. I made this really wonderful tasting fajita last night. I sliced some chicken and fried it in some olive oil and seasonings, then sauteed some onions and bell peppers (out of my organic garden), threw them all together and sliced some avocados and tomatoes to add to the wrap (using smelt organic tortilla's--which you can only get at health food stores). And, oh my gosh! they were to die for. The tortillas were about 8", I made two with the chicken and veggies. After I ate the first one I noticed that I was VERY full. So I thought (the way I usually think and the reason I am so overweight)..if you don't eat this other one it will go to waste. Then I thought, but I am so full! Then the other side said, well you've been full before and went ahead and ate it all. Then, my new side said, I'm too full. So that ended it. I asked Marcus if he wanted my other half, and he said just wrap it up. So I did. When I got up this morning it was gone, so I guess he ate it. I'm just telling this little story because that is opposite of what I have always done, and it seemed very natural. So I believe my old eating bad for me habits are changing, and that will be what gives me victory over this mountain.
I haven't started the fast yet either. I may just keep the routine I have right now and when I get to a plateau do the fast to get it going again.
I also started walking everyday with my sweet niece who is keeping me on the exercise routine. My best friend Edwina and I do about 15 minutes of stair stepper and health glider after work before coming home (we have them set up at work) hope we can get to where we can do more on those.

5# of waste water gone this weekend!

Man, do I feel the zeal! I started adding a pinch of baking soda and a 1/4 lime/lemon to my drinking water and swoooosh, no more retained water! And I feel so totally different. I will never drink another bottle of water without these ingredients added. The other thing that is amazing is that I love the taste so much I can't get enough of this wonderful stuff. And that's good because I need to drink half my weight in ounces of water, and there's no way I could have done that with regular water. My taste buds are seriously changing also. I think things I used to go 'ugh' to: like salads, etc., taste so wonderful in my mouth. I can actually eat a grapefruit without salt or sugar and it tastes sweet! My olfactory glands are able to smell things I haven't ever noticed before. And folks that is just from drinking this water over this weekend. Try it, you'll like it. This is the quickest way to get your acidic body closer to alkaline. The more alkaline you get the more everything is as it should be. Your whole body will respond. Now I look forward to more weight loss, because my body will not have to shove acid ash waste into my fat to prevent me from dying...more later.

Starting the journey

Hi everyone!
Just started with slowly going alkaline. I still haven't stopped coffee altogether but I am down to one cup a day. It is going to be easier that way. This week I started adding lemon and baking soda to my water bottles. It is amazing how refreshing that is. Just quarter a lemon, squeeze 1/4 into your bottle of water and add a pinch of baking soda. This will become addicting-no lie! It alkalizes your body and after your body responds (took only a couple of days for me) you don't want to stop drinking this water! It tastes like sweet nectar. Fasting starts next week. I am ordering some Supergreens for the recipe in my fasting drink which also includes lemon, real maple syrup and cayenne pepper! I actually can't wait to start it, I am feeling so much better already.
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Fasting starts Thursday

Yeah, I'm going to try fasting with the recipe for alkalizing starting Thursday. The reason I am starting Thursday is because 1)payday is Wednesday and I can get all the ingredients, 2) The third day is supposed to be the hardest and that will be Saturday when I can sit and do nothing if I want whilst my body is getting a jump start on health. Plus, I will probably do it for a week, unless I feel like I can do longer...I think you can do it for two weeks tops. I should lose a good bit of sluggish weight. I can not lose weight right now! I don't know if it is my age or lack of good routine walking, or what, but it is hanging on for dear life. I will knock it for a loop this week. Pray for me...

I've been feeling better

This weekend I bought some powdered greens and mixed them with an another powdered substance that I had bought a couple weeks ago and couldn't drink because it was so bad. However, it is supposed to help in balancing the acidity of your bodies ph balance. I added the suggested scoop of each to a cup of my favorite organic fruit juice and shook it up in some ice and it was great! It wasn't 30 minutes until I started feeling more energetic than usual. I'm impressed that it worked that fast.

I have recently found a site that I like very well. It is the 'Acid/Alkaline Diet' forum. You can speak to people who are just starting and asking questions, or people who have been doing this way of eating for years. I have personally profited from just reading what they have been experiencing through their journey to get healthy.

I have yet to start eating the way I should. Although drinking this drink makes me less hungry than usual-so it makes me want to eat the right things. I'm sure it won't be long until I will be getting all my needs from food alone and won't need the supplements. I'll be glad when that happens because supplements are a little expensive.

I am cutting down on the worse acidic thing I do--coffee. Today I only had a couple of sips--although I did have a nagging headache, I got through it. I don't have the headache tonight. So maybe I can cut it out for good soon. Not that I want to however, I am the biggest coffee lover I know. But, I also know, and have known for many years that the amount that I have been drinking can't possibly be good for anyone.

My mind is also moving toward thinking that being healthy means more to me than my depraved nature wanting things that are not good for me. So, that also should get me where I need to be.

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I am still searching for the easiest way to move into balancing my ph level. I haven't found it yet, but plan on downloading Michael Murray's 'The Acid-Alkaline Diet'. It is the least expensive and seems to be the simplest program I have come across. The site has a forum where you can ask questions and talk to other people that have started it and/or know the ins and outs of balancing ph. I have been impressed by the people who chat on this forum so I am going to try it. It is very difficult to start something that is so foreign to your normal way of eating and doing things. I just hope that I can adjust. I know I need to.

Acid & Alkaline Diet

I just finished reading "The Acid & Alkaline Balance Diet" by Alicia Kliment. It was informative about what you should be doing, but lacked totally in the actual 'diet' specifics. It did however give lists of things to do if you have a certain ailment (such as diabetes), but the list of things to do did not have much to do with the acid/alkaline diet. So I did not get much out of it. I guess I need to be told 'exactly' what to eat, and that book is going to be hard to find. I do want to purchase ph strips to take my acid level. I'm sure it is as high as it can be, so I really need to figure this thing out. Based on what things are being said, I have been feeding the acidity of my body my whole entire life. Cancer and all kinds of disease LOVE acidity. If you can get your body to its perfect balance (7.0) then cancer and all kinds of disease cannot flourish. There are people who believe that nobody should have bad health, and that all disease can be 'CURED'. So I believe that if that really is possible--an alkaline balance must be very difficult to maintain.