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Update on diet

I feel like it has been forever since I updated my journal. I have been doing pretty good with the new way of eating/drinking. However, I have had a few set backs. One is that I am asked out to eat too often. I have a lot of friends and, not only do we get together and go out and eat, but we also get together individually and have lunch or breakfast together. Now that my closest friend has taken another job, I will be able to stay close to my new way during the week. I will just have to curb going out on the weekends until I start losing weight again. I have lost 5 more pounds, but that is since the last time I wrote. That is not much. I was going to start the cleanse yesterday and I got all the ingredients ready and drank my first one that morning. I was fine until I took a lengthy nap and got up with that stupid headache you get when fasting. Well the day wore on and I began to feel worse and worse. I talked myself into postponing it until I had eaten most of the food that I had in the fridge--because I don't like wasting good food--especially expensive organic good food. So I will do as I always have and move into this slowly. I know this probably wouldn't be agreeable to those who say how this cleanse is supposed to go, but I am a wimp and don't like pain. I will begin this week cutting out one meal a day and drinking the concoction. Then next week if I can I will replace two meals...on so on. We shall see. I will keep the results posted.


Baby Fat

September 2007

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