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Losing weight has never been easier

I can't believe that I am consistently losing weight and I am NEVER hungry! The whole way I used to eat is gone! I love salads, I would rather eat fruit than anything with sugar in it, I don't have to have meat even one meal a day (this is the #2 biggest change), AND, get this, I haven't had coffee in a week and a half (#1)! Now, that doesn't mean that any of the things that I have dropped is out of my life. I still say to myself and others that there is nothing off limits for me to eat, but the way cool thing is I DON'T WANT THEM. Really! I am as serious as a heart attack. The water thing keeps me pretty full. When I do want something to eat, I am so clean inside that I don't want to put trash in there. When I eat salad and other good things like that I feel so much better after I eat that I just love it. It is a major change for me, and I don't see me going back to any of my old ways, which I always feared in the past. I lost 2 more pounds this week and I haven't been hungry once. The reasoning behind this is that when you get your body ph balanced it stops having to cram toxic trash into your fat to save your life. Since I am not eating that much bad, and my body is closer to balanced, the fat is being released-it no longer has to be there to shield me from poisonous toxins/acid ash.
I wish I would have known this way of eating when I was younger so I could have trained my kids in a better way of eating. Sadly, they all have terrible habits that mirror my own ex-habits and I guess that they will just have to realize it in their own time.
Oh, and I am still walking 3 or 4 days a week 2 miles. I am going to add some stretches and yoga this week to start stretching my muscles so that the fat loss will have something replacing it--firm muscles.


Baby Fat

September 2007

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