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10 pounds down

Hey guys I am so happy! This morning I got up and went straight for the scales and since I have begun this new way of eating I have lost 10 pounds! Isn't that great! It started of course with the water. By adding a pinch of baking soda and a squeeze of lemon I can drink what I am supposed to every day. I think that has a lot to do with it, because it is also a good hunger depressant. I am also almost done with coffee. Yeah, those who know me are stunned. Coffee has always been a major staple with me. I have stopped diets because I couldn't have my coffee, not to mention not go on them at all because of this one factor. But, deep down in my inner core I knew that it is bad for me in the amounts that I drink. It is still one of the pleasures that God gave us to have--in balance, but I had far surpassed that years and years ago. Also, I have cut down tremendously on meat, though I don't have any disagreement with eating it. It's the balance thing again. I always thought I needed a ton of it because I have always had leanings to hypoglycemic/diabetic jitters if I didn't include protein. Well, that has all changed. Now I can eat a grapefruit alone for breakfast, and just a salad for lunch and not get the jitters once. I don't know if this whole jitter thing has been because of bad food combinations, too much sugar (which I have cut completely out except for a yogurt cone every once in awhile), or what. Finally, I don't know what it is but I just can't eat as much as I have in the past. I made this really wonderful tasting fajita last night. I sliced some chicken and fried it in some olive oil and seasonings, then sauteed some onions and bell peppers (out of my organic garden), threw them all together and sliced some avocados and tomatoes to add to the wrap (using smelt organic tortilla's--which you can only get at health food stores). And, oh my gosh! they were to die for. The tortillas were about 8", I made two with the chicken and veggies. After I ate the first one I noticed that I was VERY full. So I thought (the way I usually think and the reason I am so overweight)..if you don't eat this other one it will go to waste. Then I thought, but I am so full! Then the other side said, well you've been full before and went ahead and ate it all. Then, my new side said, I'm too full. So that ended it. I asked Marcus if he wanted my other half, and he said just wrap it up. So I did. When I got up this morning it was gone, so I guess he ate it. I'm just telling this little story because that is opposite of what I have always done, and it seemed very natural. So I believe my old eating bad for me habits are changing, and that will be what gives me victory over this mountain.
I haven't started the fast yet either. I may just keep the routine I have right now and when I get to a plateau do the fast to get it going again.
I also started walking everyday with my sweet niece who is keeping me on the exercise routine. My best friend Edwina and I do about 15 minutes of stair stepper and health glider after work before coming home (we have them set up at work) hope we can get to where we can do more on those.


Awesome! I'm so proud of you -- all that water, and eating healthy, and even exercising!!

I can't believe it :)

I'm going to have to hit the grindstone on losing weight because soon you and marcus will catch up with me and we can't have that!! (but in a good way ~_^)
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